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Bloomberg Arcade is not somewhere you’re going to find yourself stumbling into a restaurant. This is a destination for dining. It is also where A Wong has chosen to open his second restaurant, Kym’s.

Born and bred in London to Chinese parents, A Wong has always been passionate about highlighting the different regions of China in his food. While he found inspiration for his first restaurant by traveling to learn the techniques and traditions for making the perfect Dim Sum, Kym’s found its flair in a 2,500 year old etching found on an ancient Chinese wall depicting people roasting meats.

The interior focuses around a cherry tree which reaches its way up spiral stairs behind the central bar. The dining room sits separately to the right and offers an intimate space with large windows across the back wall giving a full view into the kitchen where the chefs prepare roasted meats with ducks hanging, ready to carved and served.

I went to Kym’s with my partner for a date night after spending the day in Covent Garden and popping into Grind for a coffee cocktail. We ended up in the National Gallery at Trafalgar Square and decided to walk – given it was a sunny day. By the time we arrived we had stepped into several pubs to benefit from their heating and were greeted very warmly then shown our table in the middle of the small dining room.

We ordered some drinks to start and our server came over to tell us about how the menu worked and to offer us some recommendations, including ‘The Three Treasures‘ which was a ‘classic‘  dish featuring three of the menu items (Crispy Pork Belly, Soy Chicken and Iberico Pork Char Sui) so you could try more for less.

Other highlights we had included the Sichanese Spiced Aubergine – mixed in with some rice this was incredible, as were the Sweet and Sour Pork Ribs and the Crispy Duck – served with a paint brush for applying your hoisin sauce to the pancake.

Not limited to a tasting menu, as A Wong’s is, the menu at Kym’s is a small selection of sharing plates you can easily work your way through. 6 dishes were recommended by our server, but we ordered 8, including 2 more snacking dishes, and found that left us perfectly contented.

Unusually for us, we limited ourselves to a drink each across the meal and opted for the cocktail menu. While not particularly as true to the regions as the food, the drinks menu at Kym’s compliments a Western European palate and whether you prefer wine, beer or a spirit to wash your food down with – you’ll find a variety of safe options from London’s favorites.

Kym’s is an exceptional date night that won’t break the bank.

Rachael-Chloe Bell

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